favorite character meme: four relationships.
          2. the raggedy doctor & the girl who waited.

I’m fairly intuitive and psychic. It’s a substantial gift.

impossible gir

lunch on ʇɥǝ oʇɥǝɹ sıpǝ?

  • When did you join Tumblr?: August 30th, 2011
  • Why did you join Tumblr?: a lot of my friends had it and I got curious. Also I wanted a new place to post my graphics.
  • What kind of blog do you have?: multifandom, psd resources and starkid
  • How many posts do you have?:  15,187
  • How many likes do you have?:  798
  • How many blogs do you follow?: 247
  • How often do you change your theme?: Every few months maybe? I’m planning on keeping my current one for some time, though.
  • How often do you change your icon?: Usually along with my theme.
  • List all the urls you’ve ever had:  thereisahousebuiltoutofstone, thestarkswillcomeagain, abritishtimelord
    (the other blogs are colourfulpsds and holiday-club)
  • Do you track any tags?: all the urls of my main blog
  • Do you have any favorite blogs?: a few, yeah
  • Do you often hit post limit?: i’ve actually never hit post limit
  • Do you ever send anonymous messages to other people?: yes, sometimes. no hate, though!
  • Do you ever get anon hate?: not really. I think I’ve gotten anon hate like once, a few years back.
  • Have you made any friends on Tumblr?: Yeah, I like to think I have. But some I’m just talking to every now and again and that’s quite nice as well.
  • What’s the most notes you’ve ever had on a post?: fucking 164,841 on an American Horror Story gifset. However the fuck that happened idk
  • What’s your favorite thing about Tumblr?: the gifs and graphics (looking at them or posting them) and just the friendly side of blogging about things we all enjoy
  • What’s your least favorite thing about Tumblr?: all the hate messages and people who try to force their opinion on everyone else on here

But women can never be careful enough, can we? If we take naked pictures of ourselves, we’re asking for it. If someone can manage to hack into our accounts, we’re asking for it. If we’re not wearing anti-rape nail polish, we’re asking for it. If we don’t take self-defence classes, we’re asking for it. If we get drunk, we’re asking for it. If our skirts are too short, we’re asking for it. If we pass out at a party, we’re asking for it. If we are not hyper-vigilant every single fucking second of every single fucking day, we are asking for it. Even when we are hyper-vigilant, we’re still asking for it. The fact that we exist is asking for it.

This is what rape culture looks like.

This is what misogyny looks like.

- from What Happened to Jennifer Lawrence Was Sexual Assault  (via catagator)

Rarely giffed Amy Pond (requested by hermiornegranger)

"You need to understand that I’ll never be the girl that begs you to stay. If you decide to walk out of my life, I might be sad for a little while but know that I’ll never chase you. I’ll just let you go."
- Midnight thoughts (I may love you, but i’ll never need you)gp


And however scared you are, Clara, the man you are with right now, the man I hope you are with, believe me, he is more scared than anything you can imagine right now, and he n e e d s y o u.

Send me a character name and i’ll name…

Attraction level: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10
Love for the Character:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10
How much the char has grown on me: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10
Badassness level:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10
How upset I’d be if the char got killed off:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10